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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf

Raw En Trung Quốc Web Novel 348 chapters 180830 từ
Nguồn: novelupdates.com
Tác giả: Chun Dao Han, 春刀寒

Lin Feilu, or better known by her nickname—Green Tea Princess, was the best of all the scheming b*tches that the world had ever seen. She was the Oscar-winning actress among the masses with real life as her stage. Acting coy, slandering, feigning innocence, or playing the saint, she aced it all. Simply put, she was the proverbial villainess.

Ah, but retribution came way too early for this malicious personage and she died on her 27th birthday.

In death, Lin Feilu reflected on her career of 20 years as the Green Tea Princess. She was full of regret and remorse over the life she once led. She vowed, if there was an afterlife, she would atone for her misdeeds and be a good person.

She transmigrated into a five-year-old princess of the Dalin Dynasty. In the name of family, she had a sickly mother disfavoured by the emperor, a mentally challenged and daft older brother.

Her life was constantly in danger, with having little to eat and trying to stay warm.

The living environment was very harsh.

Lin Feilu, who wanted to be a good person: … You forced me! Sorry, I can only activate my unique skill.

Harem fight? Striving for favor? Climbing the ranks?

Apologies, but let me show you what it means to be slaughtered by a maxed out player.

Note: “Green Tea” is a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind but is very scheming and calculative in reality.

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